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We help companies avoid an arduous and time consuming journey

Are you aware that there could be an arduous, difficult and time consuming journey ahead in becoming Financial ready in order to seek and secure funding to start, scale and grow your business?

KL Business Consulting would ensure that your fund-raising journey would be made shorter and smoother by utilizing their immense funding and commercialization skills, expertise and experience.

Kevin Lonergan founded KL Business Consulting in 2016, a strategic financial consultancy and project management business to provide advice, support and guidance to companies seeking equity, debt and grant funding.

Funding and Investment

We live and breathe seeking and sourcing funding.  Our tried and tested client management process will ensure you create a fund-raising strategy that meets your business objectives and your company vision and goals.

Financial Management

An excellent fund-raising strategy is not of any benefit without a solid financial management system and plan. We will ensure that you are aware and fully understand key financial management tools and techniques.

Project Delivery and Management

We manage a wide and diverse range of funding and product development projects timeously and to budget. Working across numerous sectors including  – public sector, corporates, academia and SME’s

In our clients words

  • "We attended the Scottish Investment Bank workshop with 8 Scottish Angel investors which were facilitated by the Fintech Network Integrator as well as attending 2 funding clinics delivered by Kevin Lonergan. Kevin Lonergan of the Fintech Network Integrator team ensured that the Aveni management team was made aware of all potential avenues of funding to develop and grow our company over the next 18 months. Throughout our funding and investment journey, Kevin Lonergan was very pro-active with his approach to supporting the company by ensuring that we were funding and investor ready. If we had not engaged with Kevin and secured his invaluable support and guidance then we  would have found it very difficult to secure an equity investment of £520k from Scottish Investment Bank, Business Angel Syndicates - Tri-cap and Wallace Equity, and Old College Capital as well as loan and grant funding from Scottish Edge and a Scottish Enterprise SMART feasibility grant.”
    — AVENI
  • We were so lucky to engage with Kevin to help us prepare and submit a robust Scottish Enterprise SMART: Feasibility grant application. With Kevin's invaluable help and support, we managed to secure the grant and our four co-founders are now working full-time in our company. Without the help from Kevin, we would not be in this position now. Kevin has also offered the company some very handy hints and valuable advice on the development of our investment strategy and steered the directors towards the optimal route to manage the investment process.
  • “Initially without Kevin's help, we would not have started up our disruptive Medtech company and recruited a new CEO to lead the company and scale the business. Kevin also made valuable introductions to several Business Angel syndicates and helped the company secure their seed round of Investment made up of Scottish Business Angels, the Scottish Investment Bank, a Scottish Enterprise SMART feasibility grant and a Scottish Edge grant. He has been an outstanding business adviser throughout our funding and investment journey and continuously suggesting ideas and innovative ways to help our company grow. We would not be where we are today without his expertise and commitment and appreciate enormously all he has done for our company and the company directors.”
    — Ibisvision

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